Construction of a new production hall

In the last years it became apparent, due to the continuous growth, that an extension of the production area was necessary. Hans-Georg Hof was responsible for the new building project. He explained: „We had long seen coming the need for the new hall".

 „ Accordingly, preparations - from planning to the building permit application- already started before Corona". „When the pandemic started, we started building – nobody knew where it was leading and we dug a large hole", he said with a laugh.
Implementation started quickly and, despite adverse circumstances in regard to material shortages and delivery delays, the construction of the new production hall was completed in August.

450 square meters of floor space for a production hall : it does not sound especially impressive.
But the height is quite imposing, because the new building has a 4770 cubic meters building volume- it is 11 meters high, extended over three floors, and there is also a four-meter-deep pit. What is the need of these height requirements? "In this way, we can set up the equipment over three floors in an identical design as at the customer’s premises on site " - this saves assembly time and finally offers customers security.

Two cranes - one with 40 and one with 20 tons of lifting capacity - were installed to cater for all needs. And an investment was also made in a cooling tower.

With the new production area, HOF has now successfully increased its capacity for installing freeze dryers in a vertical arrangement as a two-story design by 40% and doubled the capacity of its in-house refrigeration workshop.

The cost of the new building was around €3.35 million - plus investment in infrastructure, making the total project worth €3.8 million. "A good investment in the future," says Alexander Hof.

Pressemeldung HOF "Millionen-Investition in die Zukunft" >

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