We let knowledge grow

Our know-how is the basis for your success

Preserving knowledge

The knowledge and know-how which has grown through our work over many years are important reasons for our success. As a technological pioneer, we focus on our employees in this regard. They are specialists who know exactly which requirements of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology have to be met within their area of expertise.

Knowledge transfer as part of daily work

Our work is based on the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees, which is why we focus on in-depth, comprehensive training. This is supplemented by the constant transfer of knowledge as a crucial investment into the future, contributing to securing the know-how and to identifying with our own products. This competence reassures you that you have made the right choice on which you can rely in your research and production work.

First-rate research facilities such as technical colleges and universities are our partners for these training measures. This increases the competence required for designing, planning and implementing complex customer-specific systems – always to the full satisfaction of the customers.

Developing innovations, testing innovations

Finding answers for tomorrow’s requirements in the form of technological solutions – that is what drives us. We work together closely with partners from research and industry. One current example is the further development of the own control system with regard to PAT. Other are reflected in the many own patents held by HOF.

The highest standards are applied to all developments. Extensive long-term tests are therefore standard processes in our development department.

To the point: engineering

We develop practical pioneering solutions for practical application. Numerous own patents reflect the power of innovation of our company.

The valuable work of the highly qualified employees at HOF provides our customers with a clear advantage. The intensive dialogue with research institutes and partners from the industry turns even technically complex visions into reality.

Mechanical design

HOF takes on the complete system planning, from the first design and concept studies, the drafting of a layout and the pressure vessel design to the production drawing of individual parts or the creation of the R+I diagrams.

All work is carried out in-house at HOF – on time and with the best quality.

Automation and software

Valid software is among the most important prerequisites for research and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. HOF supports the development and creation of the software from the design phase and project management, commissioning and qualification to customer service with our own software specialists.

This always produces a solution with maximum possible standardisation which meets all individual software requirements.

Electrical hardware

The employees at HOF create the complete electric documentation with circuit diagrams, cable diagrams, parts lists, terminal plans and more for your project. We cover all areas from planning to commissioning:

  • Control cabinet layout
  • Installation planning
  • Functional reliability
  • Safety technology
  • Energy optimisation

This also includes the selection of components.

Overview of manufacturing steps

Manufacturing at HOF includes the areas of metalworking and mechanics, refrigeration technology and insulation, electronics and control technology. Electrical and mechanical assembly work as well as individual assembly work are carried out by our own employees. This includes control cabinet construction as well as wiring of the systems, insulation and complete function testing with the associated documentation.

Manufacturing of high quality assemblies

During the first phase, our employees manufacture the high quality assemblies in separate locations in the specially equipped assembly workshops. The assemblies are manufactured in parallel to keep production times as short as possible. The individual assemblies are pre-tested after production and the results are documented.


This is followed by pre-assembly in the individual specialist groups, allowing larger units to be supplied to final assembly. For example, the finished chamber with condenser, all internal equipment, the outer frames and the prepared metal panels are made in the metalworking shop.

Refrigeration system

The refrigeration group supplies the complete technical unit with refrigeration system, heat transfer system, vacuum pump sets, hydraulic system, CIP pump and water ring pump – including all pipework.

Electrical system

The electrical group supplies the finished control and switching cabinets and other small pre-assembled assemblies.

Final installation

All large units and assemblies are then transported to the separate assembly workshops for final assembly. Here, the installation situation at the customer site is simulated in detail. All connection between the components can be created and tested precisely. This provides reliable results from the FAT and saves valuable time during installation at the customer site.

Quality on paper: certifications

The high standards for our own work are one of the prerequisites for the success of HOF.

The processes in the company are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. This ensures quality in development and manufacturing of the systems and equipment.

Continuous quality testing

To ensure quality, all areas are subject to continuous quality testing – from goods receipt and the different phases of manufacturing to final assembly.

Supplier audits and documented commissioning tests provide products that comply with the highest quality requirements.

Certification to Chemicals Climate Protection Act

In addition, HOF is certified according to par. 6 of the German Chemicals Climate Protection Act (ChemKlimaschutz), section 1. The Regional Council Darmstadt for the state of Hesse certifies that HOF has expert personnel and all required tools and methods for manufacturing, installing and servicing all types of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

This approval certifies the sustainability and the quality of the work at HOF and the objective of supporting climate protection through project standards.

Corporate health and safety management

HOF has been systematically introducing the corporate health and safety management since the start of 2015. Initially, analyses were generated through employee surveys. Then targeted measures were taken to develop structures and processes to support healthy working and to support healthy behaviour in the employees at HOF.

Since 2017, HOF is also certified to DIN SPEC 91020.

One contact and short paths – that is HOF

Successful project management is easy to measure: performance data, schedule and costs are adhered to. Project management at HOF focuses on flat hierarchies, clear responsibilities and a single contact where everything comes together. Our customers have come to appreciate this way of working a long time ago.

For each new project, one of our employees from the sales department acts as the central contact. After signing of the contract, the project manager becomes the main contact. The project manager supports your project until its successful completion and beyond. Internally, the project manager delegates the tasks and requirements to the different departments and checks the results.

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