Power of innovation to find answers

The best solution often requires a completely new approach

The core of the HOF corporate strategy is the foundation for the technological leadership of the individual systems: identifying new requirements early on and developing solutions in the form of pioneering products.

The specialist: sought-after partner of industry and research

HOF has an excellent reputation as a specialist for individual solutions and as a reliable partner of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The performance of the HOF systems, the service and the on-time deliveries are established and known quantities. The reasons for this excellent reputation include – in addition to experience and power of innovation – the close cooperation with renowned technical colleges, universities and research institutions as well as the resulting joint research projects.

The focus here is on the new and further development of process measurement systems which ensures system safety as well as process reliability and product safety.

HOF: a force of innovation

Power of innovation in design and manufacturing on the one hand and the comprehensive consulting and responsible handling of the overall project – including a 24-hour service – on the other hand have made HOF the specialist company it is today.

Focus on highest requirements for sterility and purity

The use of equipment in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology is subject to the highest requirements for sterility and purity. In addition, the high value of the batches and the defined production schedule require absolutely smooth functioning of all systems. Maximum quality, reliability and on-time deliveries are also crucial. The employees and management at HOF accept these requirements without compromises and have been delivering adequate solutions for almost three decades.

Best advice for practical application – with constant support

As a specialist, we have been working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for many years, offering advice in all crucial areas: automation and software, qualification, process technology and development, mechanical engineering and layout as well as electrical engineering.

Our experienced employees support you with well-founded expert knowledge, from the design concept to active operation in laboratory or production. This applies to new systems, expansions to existing systems and modifications alike.

Power of innovation to find answers

We want to and will continue to be the innovative pioneer in the field or research and development for freeze drying systems.

Innovative loading systems, flexible plate adjustment, use of liquid nitrogen and natural refrigerants, control integration of pioneering measurement systems such as NIR and mass spectrometers, HOF SynchroFreeze and vacuum insulation are only a few examples of the power of innovation and the commitment of the company to pursue new paths.

Planning ahead and developing for tomorrow is a claim that characterises all areas of our company. For HOF employees, technological innovations are not a end in itself but rather answers to new customer-specific requirements.

Knowledge, technology and efficiency

At HOF, the product is not determined by the technology, but it is rather the product properties that determine the technology. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies in our systems to achieve the best results for our customers as reliably and effectively as possible. And: We manufacture our systems and equipment to the latest state of the art. This is supplemented by our employees’ knowledge which we also keep up-to-date with extensive training measures. It goes without saying that we meet all approval requirements, whether from the European Union, the GMP regulations from the FDA or the GAMP regulations from the ISPE.

Experienced in finding the best solutions

Over almost 30 years and in a large number of successful projects, HOF has cooperated with international companies from the pharmaceutical industry for the development of special applications – always with the objective of finding the best system solution.

This has provided us with a unique level of knowledge. Keeping this knowledge up to date and passing it on is part of the daily work at HOF. Because knowledge can only be used if it is kept alive – in the heads of people.

HOF systems correspond to the latest state of the art and comply with official approval requirements from the European Union, the GMP regulations of the FDA and the GAMP regulations from the ISPE.

We let knowledge grow

Knowledge and know-how are important reasons for our success. As a technological pioneer we have a large pool of specialists who know exactly which requirements of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology have to be met within their area of expertise. Their high level of professional competence is continuously supplemented and extended through internal and external training.

Partner of technical colleges and universities

First-rate research facilities at technical colleges and universities are our partners for these training measures. This increases the competence required for designing, planning and implementing complex customer-specific systems – always to the full satisfaction of our customers.

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