6 reasons

why you should work with HOF to satisfy your testing system needs


A team of employees with ample practical experience will advise you individually from the very start and will accompany you as a partner through all processes right up until your equipment is successfully implemented. You can trust our professionals, who have been specially trained by HOF for this purpose and who possess a sound education as engineers, technicians, service assemblers, or skilled workers.


Ready for the future, high-performance, and highly practical – these are the decisive parameters by which HOF systems are measured. The company is well-known for creative products that are developed with the latest technology and according to the requirements of the client. Individual solutions and groundbreaking design support our clients in reaching their goals successfully.


At HOF, technology doesn’t define the product, product features define the technology. We depend on the most modern technology in our equipment and systems in order to produce the best individual results as reliably and effectively as possible for our clients.


Our top ranking means that we are dedicated to constantly providing excellent services, high quality, and the foresight to develop technology for the future. All HOF systems are manufactured and tested in their entirety at our facilities by our professionals. This way we can guarantee the highest standards of quality.


We have achieved our goal with a HOF system only if the result completely satisfies your requirements – not 99 percent but 100 percent. For HOF, quality is the most important measure of success. This applies to all areas from conception all the way through to service – you can count on us.


The knowledge, skill, and experience of our employees form the basis of our work. Rigorous, comprehensive training and continual transfer of knowledge are important investments in the future. They help safeguard important know-how and contribute to the identification of highly qualified professionals with HOF’s products. This considerable competence means you can be sure you have made a good decision that can be relied upon during daily production operations.

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