The best solution often needs completely new approaches.

The core of the company strategy of HOF is also the foundation it built to become the technological leader it is today in the freeze drying systems sector: the early identification of new requirements and the development of solutions in the form of trend-setting products.


The specialist that is HOF is a coveted partner for industry and research

HOF has an excellent reputation as a specialist in customized solutions and as a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The productive efficiency of HOF systems, the service and the adherence to deadlines are firmly established and known quantities in the company. One of the reasons for this, alongside the company's own innovative power and experience, is the close contact and collaboration with well-known technical colleges, universities and research facilities and the joint research projects which result from this.

An example of this is the participation of the company in the research and development project "isobar". In this project, the Fraunhofer Institute, together with representatives from both industrial measurement & process technology and the pharmaceutical industry, is developing a moisture-based control of production processes - HOF is an important partner in this venture.