Our service for you

At HOF, only our own employees work on your system, even if the system has long since left our factory. HOF employees transport your system, assemble it, put it into operation and qualify it, too. In this way, interfaces can be minimized and problems eliminated.


24-hour service

Call the following phone number +49 (0)6462 9169-0 at any time to reach one of our emergency workers: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Why? Because we know that our systems play an important role in the flow of production and idle times need to be kept to a minimum. Additionally, your emergency team from the Service and Production departments know all the ins and outs of your system and can provide immediate assistance.

At our core: Spare parts warehouse

Our own warehouse with over 60,000 articles makes sure that the most essential spare parts for all systems are quickly available at all times, keeping idle times to a minimum in the process.