Shelves „made by HOF“

The shelves of a freeze-drying system are elementary components and thus essential part of the whole process.

Accordingly, HOF has put its focus on the shelves manufacturing. In order to meet its own requirements, “in-house” manufactured shelves for HOF freeze-drying systems are produced in the own shelf production department.
Certified welders and a redundant structure of the manufacturing machines ensure the required quality. In addition, the proven design ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution, regardless of whether there are shelves with 0,075 m2 for a laboratory equipment, or shelves with individual sizes of 2,8 m2 for a production plant .

According to the special machinery construction, each shelf package is individually designed following the customer demand and the respective available area. All production steps proceed following a specified guideline in order to keep a consistent quality. Controls of shelf welding seams in water bath and a measurement of the shelf areas with laser technology are here basically performed. Grinding operations are accurately monitored and the roughness is recorded. If necessary, X-ray tests or thermographic recordings of individual shelf areas can be carried out.