Holger Prinz - Abteilungsleiter Service

Customer service of HOF: The Number 1 for your installations

Our challenge is: a stable and reliable production for your daily business. To meet this demand, it is required to have a motivated and fit for service team and a pronounced and immediately available spare parts range.

With more than 40 employees in the service department and more than 60,000 items in our stock, we are fit for service 365 days a year. Thanks to our 24-hour emergency hotline, you can also reach us outside the regular business hours. If a problem occurs, we can work out a joint solution and plan the next steps by phone.

Whether you need spare parts, a repair or replacement of components, our short response times and tailor-made measures allow you to use your equipment again very shortly.
In case of software or control system problems, remote servicing can usually be carried out to determine the cause. Targeted interventions in the respective process step sequences enable to keep the current batch stable and reliable.

The holistic support service of your equipment has a special significance, regardless whether annual maintenance or case of failure.