New HOF corporate design

Relaunch of the company logo and office equipment

Much like any other means of market advertising, relaunching a Corporate Design (CD) is subject to the circumstances of the times as viewing habits change and reflect the image of a company. In the course of the relaunch of the CD by HOF, the company logo was the first to be reworked in accordance with our corporate colours. Here, the communication effect of the company logo was to suggest high quality as well as graphically express the company's seriousness, competence and creativity along with a technological aspect.

After relaunching the company logo, the company equipment and image brochure were adapted to the new image according to the factors mentioned above. Subsequently, HOF's website was redesigned based on the new CD.

The new website of HOF

The most important aim of relaunching HOF's website was to optimize overall usability first and foremost. In order to be able to handle increasing communication requirements, the format was switched from landscape to portrait. HOF is growing continuously, which is why it needs more and more space for communication. A portrait format gives HOF every option to design the entire website in a more customer-oriented way so as to be able to better cater to the individual needs of the site's users.

Along with overhauling the general appearance of the website, other important targets of the new website were to considerably improve the corporate profile and to meet the requirements of the increasing number of requests for information coming from customers and interested parties.

In this regard, virtually the entire website was redesigned from scratch and visually updated, whereupon the fresh breeze in the form of the sensible ideas of Web 2.0 also became noticeable.

The contents were expanded upon and greatly and sensibly amended, with the menu navigation being newly designed from a logical point of view so that, in just a few clicks, the user can find the information they want even faster. In addition, the navigation technique was graphically modified to make it easier to follow.

The established base colours continue to be the corporate colours of yellow, blue and shades of grey, which reflect the overall impression in terms of colour. The content design was also changed. Font sizes and types were optimized and various items of information were packed into a number of small and differently formatted boxes, so-called header boxes, which make it easier to differentiate and view information.