New CD for HOF-Prüfsysteme

Relaunch of the company logo and the company configuration

The relaunch of a corporate design (CD) is subject to, as is every other type of advertising in the market, the spirit of the time since viewing habits change and reflect the image of a company. During the course of the relaunch of the CD for HOF-Prüfsysteme, the company logo was first reworked based on the company colors. The communicative effect of the company logo should convey a high-quality impression and the reliability, competence, and creativity of the company and the reference to technology should be expressed graphically.

After the relaunch of the company logo, the company configuration as well as the image brochure will be adapted to the new image under consideration of the factors mentioned above. The development of HOF-Prüfsysteme’s Internet presence was based on the new CD.

The Internet Presence of HOF Prüfsysteme

The most important goal concerning the Internet presence of HOF-Prüfsysteme GmbH was to first ensure that it is optimally structured for usability and that these principles are implemented. In order to cope with high communicative demands, the pages were, among other things, positioned with portrait orientation. HOF is constantly growing and therefore requires sufficient space for communications. The portrait orientation offers HOF the opportunity to configure its Internet presence in a very client-oriented way in order to respond to the special needs of users.

Another important goal for the Internet presence was to emphasize the company’s depiction of itself in addition to featuring clear and appealing visual aspects and giving consideration to the information desired by clients. The fresh breeze through Web 2.0 with the ideas it brings should make itself known in this area.

Content is comprehensively and meaningfully formulated and the navigation paths are set up according to content in consideration of logical factors so that users can find the desired information quickly with only a few clicks. In order to optically support this, the navigation technique will be adapted accordingly.

The established base colors are the company colors of green and blue with gray tones and these project the overall impression in terms of color. The arrangement of content as relates to font size and typography are to remain very user-oriented. Different information will be packed into boxes with various different formatting, the so-called “header boxes” that support improved differentiation and perception of information.