Just in time quality for demanding customers

This principle of Hans-Georg Hof is a daily matter of course, since the company HOF, whose product offering is in close contact with pharmaceutical products, attaches special importance to the reliability of production processes and to quality assurance.

For a successful partnership, a consistent implementation of the quality management system is sine qua non. It begins with purchasing and supply of parts: HOF pays attention to high quality standard "made in Germany". Continuous quality controls in all areas guarantee products that meet the highest requirements.

Quality controls of the incoming goods, mechanical external production components and basic materials are made using different methods of measurement. Our subcontractors are subject to regular inspections on different manufacturing levels according to international regulations, guidelines and customer specifications. On a regular basis, there are also internal controls at HOF within the scope of quality assurance. Hydraulic lines made by HOF are also tested according to international regulations and guidelines and customer specifications.

A measurement is made of the surface roughness of the components in contact with the product. Also, the dalta-ferrit content of base materials and welding seams is determined. Finished surfaces are examined by a dye penetrant inspection, in order to locate any possible pores or surface cracking. An endoscopic quality control of welding and hydraulic lines constructions is made.

The high expectation of its own method of work is one of the prerequisites for HOF’s success. The processes in the company are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Thus, the quality in the development and manufacturing of machinery and systems is ensured.

Customer benefits:

  • Assurance and enhancement of the required quality of the products
  • Continuous improvement of production processes
  • Alignment of products and processes to customer requirements