Investment for the future: high-grade systems

Process safety, maximum plant availability, high performance, flexibility, valid software, the best service and a long service life…

... are only a sample of arguments that speak in favor of a HOF system. Our company has more than 28 years of experience in freeze-drying. Currently, over 260 qualified and motivated employees work at our two sites in Lohra and Gladenbach-Mornshausen.

Our systems are designed to meet the state of the art as long as possible and can be easily upgraded or modernized in a later stage. A great attention is being paid to the strict selection of our suppliers to obtain the highest quality possible for each part. All components are manufactured at HOF, from the plant piping, the switch cabinet and the shelves, up to the machine unit of the freeze-dryer. Yearly maintenances of existing plants guarantee a longer service life. Our service department is available 365 days, 24 hours a day, on call and in case of emergency. Our large spare parts inventory ensures that important components are available in case of failure. To some extent, it is also possible to retrieve some parts which are discontinued by the suppliers.

Within the scope of a retrofit of HOF systems or machines from other manufacturers, latest technologies are developed to be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems. Many aspects, such as energy optimization, operability and compliance with standards are taken into account. In connection with the extensions of freeze drying systems, we offer our innovative loading and unloading systems for automated charging. All necessary adaptations, from the plant cleaning (CIP), the shelves, the main door, up to the control, can be performed.

Another example is the modernization of the machine unit. HOF offers the latest technologies such as a conversion to halogen-free natural refrigerants with respect to the current F-Gases regulation.
For a maximum system security, all modules, such as the condenser or the piping system, can be replaced.

The control and visualization systems of HOF freeze-dryers offer a wide range of individual setting options to achieve different tasks and always target the high requirements of our customers. Our objective is that the existing machines meet the state-of-the-art. To make the grade and make it possible, project migration and program updates of existing machines are made.