HOF Freeze-Drying Systems with PCS7 and Simatic Batch

With the integration of a freeze dryer into a composite system there is a need to install a central user interface including its data management.

These requirements can be realized with HOF LYOCOM III and newly with the Siemens process control system PCS7. A uniform navigation interface for all subsystems allows intuitive operation of the process control. The parameterization and documentation of batch processes is done by the Simatic Batch Recipe Editor.

The developement of process control system Siemens standard libraries or customers own libraries can be used. This allows a detailed description of the operating conditions of individual basic functional elements.

The application flow of the basic functional elements is carried out in step sequences, which can be visualized on the user interface. Hereby the troubleshooting is much easier.

The company HOF is therefore able to integrate a freeze-drying system in the PCS7 control system or to deliver a freeze-drying system with PCS7. As standard we will furthermore offer our proven LYOCOM III system.