(v.l.n.r.: Marco Lang, Abteilungsleiter Dr. Alexander Hof, Daniel Lotz, Gunnar Stadelmann)

Dr. Alexander Hof - Geschäftsleitung

Dr. Alexander Hof - Geschäftsleitung

Let us introduce our new department for ‚project coordination‘

In this article, we would like to present our newest department which started in the beginning of 2015: ‚project coordination‘.

Concerning project management, projects comprising freeze dryers as well as loading and unloading devices become more and more complex.

This means, the more complex or the more critical in terms of time a project is for our customers, the more complex are the requirements towards support, planning, documentation and transparency. In order to meet these increasing requirements, HOF is deploying a ‚project coordinator‘, in addition to the technical project leader. Together they form a team for our project management.

The project coordinator will accompany the final steps of the tendering stage and will be the primary contact person for the further course of the project all the way to the site acceptance test. He communicates internal and external topics, manages the interface to other supplying parties, updates the project status and the according timeline, and coordinates open points.


Overview of the general tasks:

  • Primary contact for our customers throughout the whole course of the project
  • External communication with the customer, as well as additional suppliers and service providers
  • Internal communication of information
  • Organization and structuring of project-specific documents (eg. minutes of a meeting, agenda, status, dispatch of documents, supplements, etc.)
  • Coordination of open points
  • Reporting to the management