HOF - We introduce our mechanical engineering department to you

The mechanical engineering department for freeze-drying is an important link between the sales department and the manufacturing department at HOF.

The fully equipment planning including installation plans and layouts, pressure vessel designs, manufacturing drawings of individual components and P&ID drawings are part of the project management’s field of responsibilities.

The project management is subject to a continual improvement process with the aim of meeting the stringent requirements and due to the complexity of the installation in conjunction with the loading systems. The project manager is fully responsible for his project and accompanies it in the design phase, during the manufacturing and the delivery, up to the machine acceptance on-site. This operating process is very important to guarantee a continuous quality assurance.
Once we have designed and calculated a customer’s project at the tender stage, the first step in the project management is to create a functional specification. This task is performed by the sales department and the functional specification is transferred to the project manager. Then, we can start with the creation of the installation plan and the P&ID drawings for the plant. In parallel or immediately afterwards we can start with the manufacturing of the inner parts and the construction of the chamber and condenser vessels (chamber). Before we begin with the manufacturing of the actual main part, the chamber, it must be checked if the pressure vessel directive is applicable. Certificates of conformity, risk assessments and norms must also be taken into account.

The plant and its components are designed using the latest 3D software programs, although HOF has developed special design standards. The results of the engineering consist in documents such as drawings and parts lists. To ensure the correctness of the design documents, the corresponding design calculations are performed, such as strength calculations, thermal calculations, fluid dynamic calculations and other calculations. The drawings are checked by a second person before the acceptance is given to manufacturing (“four-eyes principle”). In conclusion, technical documentation and manuals are then drawn up.

If you have a question, please contact Mr.Hubert Sell      sellh@hof-sonderanlagen.de

The following tasks are part of the general tasks of our mechanical engineering department:

Project management and customer communication
Calculation and design of pressure vessels
Design of components and assemblies
Planning of piping systems
Planning of retrofits and modifications
Creation of P & ID flow diagrams
Preparation of technical documentation
Creation of risk analyses
Process calculations
Mechanical installation check
Project support during introduction into the building and installation