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HOF - A department introduces itself: Work preparation, warehouse & logistics

Work preparation

Strategically oriented and flexible work preparation (WP) is a key component of the daily processes at HOF for ensuring smooth operation. WP assures the interlinking of expertise and planning in that you take over the planning of processes for strategic tasks. It guarantees that the planning, implementation and controlling of the individual work areas increase efficiency and preserve sustainability for HOF. There is an interchange with the design department and other departments, as the result of which WP experiences have already frequently contributed to improvements in the processing workflows.

Warehouse & logistics

Over 60,000 items are currently managed in the HOF warehouse. The smallest intricate components, piping materials, compressors and pumps, through to chamber containers for freezers, are kept in stock for fast reaction times for service purposes, as well as for short-notice delivery to system builders in the freezer sector. HOF strives to keep service downtimes of the supported systems down to an absolute minimum. While this is ensured with 24-hour service availability, it is just as important to have most of the commonly required system components available in stock.

The summary task of warehouse logistics is to accept the procured materials, check their usability, and pass them on to the requisitioning department as requested. In the meantime, materials that are not immediately required are stored in a practical and manageable manner.

A special aspect at HOF that needs to be mentioned is that a central communications interface is set up as a pick-up point for components. Any service employees can call up the ordered items here around the clock. In preparation for service and repair work, various project-specific items, components and documents are made available here so that the service technicians have all the necessary parts at their disposal as quickly as possible in addition to their standard equipment.