Energy independence by means of own soft commodities

Current discussions about renewable energies reported in the daily media are also an important issue for our company. Expenses for electricity and heat for an office and production area of over 12,500 m² are considerable. Since sustainability is top priority in our corporate philosophy, HOF has been using a technology since the beginning of this heating season, so far unique in Germany. The company owner and hobby farmer Hans -Georg Hof is a pioneer in concluding the entire value chain by working straw into combustible to generate its own heat supply.

The straw-by product resulting from the cultivation of grain is worked into straw pellets during a complicated procedure in the family-owned pellet plant. The pellets are then burned in the special biomass boiler for CO2 neutral heat production. The ash obtained by burning is then further of use as an excellent fertilizer for agricultural areas.

The heating system itself has a modular design consisting of five 20 ft containers.
It is composed of the burning boiler with control system, the pellet storage on top, the laterally connected unit for flue gas cleaning and two large-sized buffers for heating water.

By means of this system, it was so far possible to heat successfully the 5,700 m² large part of the factory in Gladenbach-Mornshausen. The straw needed for this procedure is covered at 100 % by the family’s agricultural land. The pellet plant is operated thanks to a photovoltaic system installed in sufficient dimension, so that even the production of pellets happens in a self-sufficient way.
This newly established innovation is already widely approved and HOF is pleased to make this contribution to sustainability.