Energy-efficient transport of deep cooled diathermic liquids

Customized installations often require the separation of refrigeration systems from the processing equipment. Along with increasing distances, storage and transfer requirements of diathermic liquids are accordingly effected by losses due to increased heat intakes and ultimately influencing the efficiency of the freeze drying process. Therefore, highly efficient heat transfer lines are the answer to increasing demands.

HOF performed specific engineering and done development work for these enhanced requirements and extended its construction capabilities after a test phase. New systems are based on high-vacuum-insulated double pipes up to a nominal diameter of DN100. Those transfer lines are pre-fabricated at the HOF workshop and installed at customer’s sites in its final configuration.

This technology offers best possible long-term insulation and is setting new milestones in the market. The lines are completely executed from stainless steel and permanently leak-tight. All welds are performed in high-quality orbital welding technology. The manufacturing process is regularly documented and quality controlled, as in all production areas, ensuring the overall quality in the manufacturing process.

The design is available for heat transfer systems in the temperature range from -100 ° C up to +130 ° C, thus covering all current applications of heat transfer systems utilized for Freeze Drying Systems.