The new standard for loading & unloading systems

Loa­ding and un­loa­ding sys­tems for freeze-​dryers have a great po­ten­tial. In re­sponse of the in­cre­a­sing de­mand in the mar­ket for these sys­tems, the com­pany HOF has crea­ted new of­fi­ces, en­ga­ged ad­di­tio­nal staff and ex­ten­ded its ma­nu­fac­tu­ring ca­pa­ci­ty.

A new de­si­gn, ad­ap­ted to cu­sto­mer-​spe­ci­fic re­qui­re­ments, was de­ve­lo­ped. High per­for­man­ce, in connec­tion with re­lia­bi­li­ty, is a de­ter­mi­ning fac­tor in this case. The per­for­mance range co­vers ma­nu­al, semi-​au­to­ma­tic or fully au­to­ma­tic sys­tems.Spe­cial packa­ges, dual-​cham­ber car­pu­les or dual-​cham­ber sy­rin­ges are trans­por­ted. World­wi­de, pa­tents for tech­no­lo­gies are held.

The loa­ding & un­loa­ding sys­tems are in­stal­led and tes­ted in our own pro­duc­tion to­gether with the freeze dryer. All set­tings and func­ti­ons can be tes­ted ex­ten­si­ve­ly. It has the ad­van­tage that the in­stal­la­tion and tes­ting times are shor­ter for our cu­sto­mer­s.In order to meet the re­qui­re­ments, it is pos­si­ble to re­tro­fit exis­ting freeze dryers with loa­ding & un­loa­ding sys­tems of HOFDe­pen­ding on the re­qui­re­ments, the freeze dryer and loa­ding & un­loa­ding sys­tem can be cou­pled with RABS and iso­la­tor.

Your new contact person is
Mr. Jens Gemmecker