Loading & unloading systems of HOF - Innovative and target-oriented

HOF’s loading and unloading system department has been successfully established on the market since the re-orientation in 2013. Therefore, a large number of new projects could be implemented. All departments, from the mechanical and electrical design department up to the automation and manufacturing department, meet the growing requirements in an innovative and target-oriented way using the latest techniques, e.g. with regard to bandwidth packaging, precision and speeds.

The high performance and reliability of our systems are determining factors in all manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. Besides standardized vials and special formats, special packaging such as dual-chamber carpules or dual-chamber syringes can be transported. At the same time, we offer an automatic loading and unloading of bulk freezer-dryers. Worldwide patents are applied for technologies.

Combined HOF unloading system with superimposed sealing machine

A new and innovative system has been developed in collaboration with a renowned pharmaceutical company. After the freeze-drying process, the vials are discharged via the HOF unloading system and are subsequently transported into the sealing machine along the unloading system. For this purpose, the system installed in the RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) individually operates in front of the respective freeze-dryer.

Your advantages:

  • Spatially reduced RABS area
  • Simplified product handling
  • High performance
  • Shorter processing times
  • Reduced running costs

The demand for robot systems in the pharma sector shows a trend

The application areas of the robotic technologies extend from extraction systems in the bulk freeze drying sector, up to the fully automatic frame handling for individualized storage. The design in matters of function and size for the respective application is variable, so that a suitable solution can be offered.

HOF has already been implementing robot systems since 2006, amongst others for the extraction of bulk products. Furthermore it is possible to extend existing systems with robot systems or replace operator-assisted processes.


  • High flexibility
  • Space saving systems 
  • Improved performance

"The expectations of new systems in regard of the local conditions and in connection with the extraction of upstream and downstream machines are extremely high. Our aim in to meet these requirements."

Jens Gemmecker - Sales Management loading & unloading systems