Hans-Georg HOF Company owner and CEO of HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, Lohra



PD Dr. Henning Gieseler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg


Dr. Margit Gieseler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg


Tim Wenzel, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg / Friedrich-Alexander Universität, Erlangen


Jens Gemmecker, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH

Alexander Hof

Dr. Alexander Hof, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH

2. HOF’s technical forum "Always think ahead" will take place on the 16th of November 2017

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

the preparations for the second technical forum "HOF-Fachforum" which will take place in November 2017 are running at full speed. Varied, exciting and top-class technical lectures will be given and it will be a many-sided and informative event.

Our first technical forum took place in 2014 in the frame of our 25th company anniversary. Due to continuous steps in the development, our sector is in a constant evolution and we therefore look forward to inviting you again to our technical forum.

As a leading expert in the manufacturing of customized freeze-dryers, loading and unloading systems and freeze and thaw units for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, we are answering the market requirements with highest quality, reliability, adherence to schedules and first of all innovative strength. Pursuant to our maxim, this technical event will take place under the motto
"always think ahead"…
Current and interesting topics will afford the opportunity to a common exchange and  it will be a great pleasure to welcome you to this exciting event on the 16th of November.

We wish you a very nice and especially informative day.

The HOF family

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A red-letter day...

On the eve of our technical forum, an informal "get together" will take place at the hotel lounge "Pinte". We will for sure have nice discussions in a comfortable ambience.

Of course we have at your disposal a certain number of hotel rooms on call, an individual booking can be made until the 20th of October 2017. Please contact directly the Welcome Hotel in Marburg under the keyword "HOF Fachforum" + 49 6421 918-0
or info.mar@welcome-hotels.com.

In the morning of the 16th of November, there will be exciting lectures with topics like controlled ice nucleation, product protection, process monitoring and loading and unloading systems.
Within the scope of the workshops running in parallel, you will gain an insight into the respective topic and have the possibility to intensely exchange information with experts and users.

Company tour...

Following the workshops, we will offer you the possibility to make a factory tour at HOF's both sites: in Lohra and in the adjacent place Gladenbach-Mornshausen. Our customized machines are designed, manufactured and tested on an area of more than 13.500 m². All steps, from the design concept up to the factory approval, are taken in our own factory. Essential machine components such as shelves, refrigeration and vacuum technique, switch and control cabinets are manufactured on site and adapted to the project scope. Within specific performance tests, the functions of the machines are tested before delivery.
For an optimal service, our spare parts warehouse offers over 60.000 items and our 260 employees are always fit for service thanks to a vehicle fleet of more than 70 cars.

Please note:

The event will primary happen in German language. If necessary, a simultaneous translation can be made in English. We are looking forward to welcoming you at this successful event and are expecting your registration until the 3rd of November 2017.



Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Start at 6.30 p.m."get together"

Thursday, November 16, 2017
8:30 a.m Welcome greeting
Hans-Georg HOF
Company owner and CEO of HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, Lohra

8:45 a.m lecture
Freeze-drying: a thematic introduction
PD Dr. Genning Gieseler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg

After conferral of a doctorate, Mr. Gieseler was firstly acting as a "Post-Doc" in the USA and returned then to Erlangen to the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU). In 2010, he completed a postdoctoral lecture qualification in the pharmacy department. Mr. Gieseler is working as CEO of GILYOS GmbH in Würzburg and is leading the “Freeze Drying Focus Group” in FAU in Erlenagen.

9:20 a.m lecture
Process monitoring and control: conventional and modern technologies

Dr .Margit Giesler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg
As a licensed pharmacist and Doctor of pharmacy, Mrs. Gieseler worked many years in the industry (Pharmaceutical Development, Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach). Since 2010, she has been working as a CEO of GILYOS GmbH, a notable company in the service area around freeze-drying.

9:55 a.m lecture
Overview of the controlled ice nucleation in the freeze-drying: Quo vadis?

Tim Wenzel, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg / Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen
Mr. Wenzel studied pharmacy at the University of Münster. After a successful graduation, he carried on his way in Erlangen in the frame of a research internship and has been working since 2015 at his doctorate in Mr. Gieseler’s team. Controlled ice nucleation and its practical application belong to his special thematic areas.

10:30 a.m. Coffee break

11:00 a.m. lecture
Loading and unloading of freeze-dryers: from the semi-automatic to the full-automatic loading solution

Jens Gemmecker, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH
15 years ago, Mr. Gemmecker started working in the freeze-drying sector, in the electrical engineering with focus on automation of processes. Since 2004, sales and distribution of freeze-dryers and systems have been belonging to his main tasks. Since 2013, he has been responsible as a Sales Manager at HOF, mainly for loading and unloading systems.

11:45 a.m. lecture
Priority machine and product protection: recent and further developments

Dr. Alexander HOF, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH
Mr. HOF studied molecular biology in Marburg. Postdoctoral, he worked at the Max-Plank Institute and started then in the family-owned enterprise and is member of the company management. In parallel, Mr. HOF is working at his general management MBA degree.

12:30 p.m. Common lunch break

1:30 p.m workshops and discussion forum

HOF SynchroFreeze: vacuum induced ice nucleation
SynchroFreeze is HOF's answer for controlled ice nucleation.
This process is characterized by a conditioning phase, followed by a cooling and a vacuum induced nucleation during the freezing process. Depending of the product, the product structure can be optimized, the drying times can be reduced and a favorable effect for the reconstitution process can be reached. Only limited machine modifications are necessary for the implementation.

Trends in the refrigeration technics:
Conformity in the context of current F-Gas regulation.
Based on the European F-Gas regulation and a corresponding requirement for reduction of the allowed HFC quantity, we have by now an availability shortage of the currently used synthetical refrigerants.
A nitrogen technology and the use of natural refrigerants are alternatives. At the same time, in the sector of the conventional refrigerant technology, it is possible to replace discontinued refrigerants by alternative refrigerants – without even elaborate system modifications.

Leaks of silicone oil:
Prevention and detection
Any leak of silicone oil means product losses and production losses. Preventively, it is possible to reach an optimized process reliability by relieving the flexible corrugated hoses of the heat transfer system. At the same time, the mass-spectrometry also enables to detect the smallest quantities of silicone oil in the drying chamber. Cyclical or continual, the implementation of this technology is flexible and secures the production.

2:30 p.m coffee break
Following the program, you will have the possibility to hold further talks or to participate in a company tour.

At the end of the workshops, we offer the opportunity to make a company tour of both HOF’s sites, in Lohra and in the adjacent Gladenbach-Mornshausen.

The event is expected to end at: 6.p.m