Six reasons why you should work with HOF when it comes to freeze drying systems!


A team of experienced employees will give you individual advice from the beginning and accompany you as a partner through all processes up to the point when the system is working successfully. You can rely on employees who were trained especially for this task by HOF and received solid training as engineers, scientists, technicians, service fitters and skilled workers.


Future-proof, high-performance and practice-oriented – these are the decisive parameters by which HOF systems measure themselves. The company is well-known for creative products which are developed to satisfy customer requirements using the latest technology. Individual solutions and ground-breaking design help our customers successfully achieve their goals.


At HOF, it isn't technology which determines the product; it's the product properties which determine the technology. We rely on the most modern technological advances in our facilities and systems so we can provide our customers with the best results as reliably and as efficiently as possible. These technological advances include, for example, recipe-controlled automatic shelf adjustment, the use of PAT sensor technology and comparative pressure measurement.


Our dominant position compels us to be consistently excellent in our performance, high quality and farsightedness when developing trend-setting technology. All HOF systems are manufactured and inspected fully by our employees at our production site. This way we are able to guarantee the highest standards of quality.


With every HOF system, the target is only achieved when the result fully meets your expectations, not 99%, but the full 100%. For HOF, quality is the highest measure of things, and that applies to all areas, from the concept all the way to service - you can count on that.


The knowledge, ability and experience of our employees form the basis of our work. Decisive investments are made in our future by offering in-depth, comprehensive training and a continual transfer of knowledge, which ensures that our highly qualified employees have wide-ranging expertise and can identify with the products of HOF. This large skillset gives you the security of knowing you've made the right choice, one you can rely on during everyday production.