Automation and software

Suitable software is one of the most important requirements of research and production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. HOF accompanies the development and generation of the software, from the design phase to the project
work, via initial operation and qualification, all the way to service support provided by our own software specialists.

In the end, a solution is always found with the greatest possible standardisation, which also fully satisfies the individual software requirements.


To the point: Engineering

We develop suitable, project-related solutions. Numerous proprietary patents reflect the innovative energy of the company.

HOF's highly-qualified employees carry out invaluable work, giving our customers a clear advantage over the rest. Intense dialogue with research institutes and partners from the industry makes even the most technically demanding visions reality.


Mechanical construction

HOF takes care of the entire plant layout, from the first design and concept studies, to drafting a layout and pressure vessel construction, all the way to the manufacture drawing of individual parts and the creation of a P+ID. All of the work is done by HOF in-house - on time and to the highest quality.

Electrical hardware

HOF's employees create the entire wiring
documentation including circuit diagrams, cabling diagrams, parts lists, terminal diagrams and much more for your projects. From planning to initial operation, HOF covers all areas:

  • Switch cabinet layout,
  • assembly planning,
  • functional security,
  • security technology and energy optimisation

and components selection is also included in this.