PD Dr. Henning Gieseler
GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg


Dr. Margit Gieseler
GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg


Tim Wenzel
GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg


Jens Gemmecker
Salesmanager - loading and unloading systems
HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH


Dr. Alexander Hof
HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH

2nd HOF technical Forum under the motto "always think ahead”.

On the 16th of november 2017, the company HOF hold its 2nd technical forum under the motto "always think ahead”. Notable freeze-drying experts from research and development reported in the first part of the event about topics such as freeze-drying, process monitoring and control with conventional and modern technics and about the controlled ice nucleation in the freeze-drying. In the second part of lecture program morning, it was reported about HOF’s loading and unloading systems and further developments in the field of equipment and product protection.

At the symposium, experts reported on the latest research results and fields of application:

  • PD Dr. Henning Gieseler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg, „Freeze-drying: a thematic introduction“,

  • Dr. Margit Gieseler, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg, „Process Monitoring an Control: conventional and modern technologies“,

  • Tim Wenzel, GILYOS GmbH, Würzburg, Friedrich-Alexander Universität, Erlangen, „An overview of controlled ice nucleation in freeze-drying: Quo vadis?“,

  • Jens Gemmecker, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, Lohra, Salesmanager - loading and unloading systems, „Loading and unloading freeze-drying systems: From semi-automatic to full automatic solution“,

  • Dr. Alexander Hof, HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, Lohra, Management, „Priority equipment and product protection: innovations and further developments“.

More than 100 participants came together to share experiences at the Welcome Hotel in Marburg. In the evening before, over 60 people participated in our “Get together” event.

After the lunch break, workshops were offered on the following topics:

  • HOF Synchrofreeze: Vacuum-induced ice nucleation
  • Trends in refrigeration technology: conformity within the current F-gas regulation
  • Silicone oil leakage: prevention and detection

It was the opportunity for individual groups to have interesting discussions and exchange information.
After the workshops, the participants could get an exact view of the working activities at Hof during a visit of both company locations in Lohra and Mornshausen.

To close the event, there was a technical exchange to answer open-ended questions and it was the chance to share one’s own knowledge.